Parkinson's Disease

Medicines, surgical treatment, and other therapies can often relieve some symptoms.

Parkinson Disease is an incurable, debilitating brain disorder that results from the deterioration and death of neurons. These neurons are specifically present in the substantia nigra within the brain stem which are primarily responsible for the release of dopamine. Dopamine allows for the transmission of smooth, coordinated movement and balance of our bodies. Patients do not start to experience severe motor symptoms until about 80% of their neurons have died, making early diagnosis important for effective treatment. The reason why these neurons start to progressively deteriorate and die remains unknown.

We are an essential resource in management of treatment options for individuals with Parkinson Disease. We’re equipped with the proper training and knowledge to provide vital information and support. Our Pharmacists can provide assistance with minimizing adverse effects, addressing difficult medication schedules, and ensuring effective communication between patients with Parkinson Disease and their providers.